Reishi mushroom extract (Ganoderma Lucidum)


In Chinese medicine, the Reishi mushroom is known as “mushroom of immortality”. The list with Reishi’s potential health benefits is seemingly endless. This sustainably manufactured, easy to use Reishi mushroom extract finally brings Reishi’s medicinal powers to the masses.


Available in bottles of 30, 50 or 100 ml of Reishi Mushroom Extract. Bottled in Mirion violet glass. This glass only allows ultraviolet and infrared light to pass through, slowing down the degradation process of active compounds. Miron violet glass greatly increases shelf life. The bottle cap comes with a pipette for simple dosage.

The Mushroomist uses a three-way extraction method to create its Reishi Mushroom Extracts. This extraction method guarantees a potent and rich extract, in which all active compounds are preserved as well as possible.

Effects of Reishi

In Chinese medical practice, Reishi or Lingzhi is praised as the “mushroom of immortality”. The list with Reishi’s potential health benefits appears to be endless. Reishi strengthens the immune system, is anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic and supports the functioning of the heart. Reishi is also said to slow down or even prevent aging symptoms. It may halt the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, for instance. In addition, Reishi is said to slow down the growth of tumors and halt the development of cancer. In Japan, Reishi is employed in hospitals as a natural supplement to cancer treatment.

Reishi can take different shapes, depending on its habitat. For this extract, The Mushroomist cultivates Reishi in its antler form. According to Chinese tradition, this antler form is the most concentrated and powerful form of Reishi.

Much scientific research has been conducted on the healing properties of Reishi. This research has shown that Reishi is practically bursting with compounds with potential health benefits: amongst many others, the mushroom contains polysaccharides (improving the immune system), triterpenes (slowing down aging symptoms) and peptidoglycans (improving the functioning of the heart and fending off infections). Unfortunately, very few clinical studies have been conducted to confirm these observations. For this reason, there is little hard scientific proof of the benefits of Reishi – but anecdotal evidence is abundant.

Use of Reishi Mushroom Extract

Take half a pipette (0.5 ml) three times a day, preferably before meals. You can either empty the pipette under your tongue and swallow the extract, or dissolve the extract in a glass of water and drink it.

It generally takes about two weeks before the effects of a quality extract will be noticeable in the body, if taken regularly. Some people, however, report feeling effects kicking in after a few minutes.

One pipette of Reishi Extract by The Mushroomist equals three cups of strong Reishi tea.

This Reishi Mushroom Extract is best preserved in the fridge. The Mushroomist guarantees that the organic alcohol (20%) and Miron violet glass will help preserve the active compounds for at least three weeks after opening.


There are no known side effects or allergies for Reishi. We are not aware of any research on the effects of Reishi on pregnancy. We recommend pregnant women to refrain from using this Reishi extract.



Reishi, Lingzhi or Ganoderma Lucidum is a fungus from the Ganodermataceae family. The Reishi mushroom is found worldwide, especially in subtropical and moderate climates. Reishi is a parasitic mushroom that grows on and inside of deciduous trees. It is particularly fond of maple trees for sustenance.

Lingzhi is the Chinese name for Reishi. Lingzhi can be translated along the lines of “herb of spiritual power”. Ever since the 10th century BC, Reishi has been an important element of Chinese medicine. Reishi was first described by Huang Di, the Yellow Emperor. Huang Di ascribed many rejuvenating and life-enhancing properties to Reishi. In ancient China, a royal decree ensured that all antler-shaped Reishi belonged to the emperor, for the benefit of the country and the people. In Chinese arts, Reishi symbolizes good health and immortality. Guanyin, the goddess of mercy and healing, is regularly found depicted holding a Reishi mushroom in her hands.


In their lab in Amsterdam, the mushroom growers of The Mushroomist create extracts of rare, medicinal mushrooms. To guarantee the high quality of their extracts, The Mushroomist is in control of every aspect of the production process – cultivation, harvest, and extraction – all using 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly techniques. The Mushroomist brings ancient knowledge of the healing power of mushrooms to the 21st century!


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